Marketing Plan For A Business Company

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Pricing Today, customers always demand goods that have lower prices because of the low income and Ajidesigner Company is looking out for middle and high-class customers. Ajidesigner Company chooses the price itself in term of best value rather than the price which would benefit both middle and high-class. Value refers to the benefits customers receive for what they get. Ajidesigner Company offers customers high-value products through our quality and brand. My product price makes consumers feel that they are part of an exclusive society like consumers who used another brand when they carry Ajidesigner bag.
Other handbags, brand offer a low price to gain more customers and their price range from $ 69.99 - $199, Ajidesigner company rising prices but offer more value to penetrate into the market as a new handbag products. Ajidesigner price range of cowhide leather handbag with the mix of Africa fabric is between $199 - $399 and custom made will range from $499 - $2999 with great value to keep its customers.
Ajidesigner Company made use of distribution strategy to distribute its products. Ajidesigner distribution center in Italy sends products directly to Ajidesigner stores around the world and Ajidesigner Company is building a global distribution hub outside of Spain that will ship to 10 regional distribution centers, four in NYC, three in Nigeria, and three in Ghana. Within a week of Ajidesigner product launch, stores around the
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