Marketing Plan For A Business Management

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ABOUT AAM Founded in 1973, we have grown to be one of Europe’s well known asset management companies and a globally acknowledged investment management firm with years of experience in managing investments for institutions, financial advisors and individual clients. AAM HIGHLIGHTS • Our presence spans through Europe, Africa, Asia and USA • 21 Offices globally • Over £260 Billion assets under management • We have Millions of investors worldwide • Headquarter in London OUR PHILOSOPHY We aim to achieve high quality investment performance, our strategies have been generated to guide, our various clients and help them reach a solution that best suits each client’s goals and risk allowance levels. Depending on the client we design a…show more content…
We administer our investment expertise in a wide range of assets which include, cash management, fixed income, property, equity, and alternative investment. TEAM With our vast array of highly skilled individuals we are able to provide quality services to our clients. Our success is built on our team helping our clients to understand their goals and long term objective’s, and finding a viable investment solution for them. We have … • 2200+ employees worldwide • 900+ Investment professionals and are part of CFA society • 300+ portfolio managers with an average of 17 years’ experience in asset management and investment field. EXECUTIVE TEAM (CIO-Chief Investment Officer) CHIEF INVESTMENT OFFICER The chief investment officers ensure that the team of investment managers appointed to each client work towards the clients goals and objective, they supervise the team of investors, for example Moses Ayinde (CIO for strategies) ensures that his investment management team research strategies suitable for client’s profile. Strategies and approach are brought to the group chief investment officer Dean Simmons, by all the CIO; he reviews them and makes the final decisions. FEES &
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