Marketing Plan For A Business Manager

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Entrepreneurs and intraprenuers have one of the hardest jobs in society. By having the ability to create jobs an income for themselves and their employees is a rewarding feeling especially for the future of any company. Businesses around world are changing their routines on how they hire and how they invest their money into a market filled with new consumer that are looking to purchase their products and services’. By choosing a career goal to be an entrepreneur or intraprenuers a business owner has the potential to enhance the business or create a new company, agency or franchise. My goal is to create my own trademark log, and build my own Limited Liability Company in a Domestic or international location. As a MBA student in General…show more content…
The Adidas and Nike companies both share the similar goal but there Marketing tool are very different. To analysis Adidas critical challenge’s I first had to analysis Adidas PESTEL, to get an understanding on how should I create a plan of action to beat there competitor Nike. The Adidas Political goal is to take control and monitor hazardous substance to protect human health and environment and eliminate PVC. The Economical help countries decrease unemployment rate by increasing employment. The Social has tried its best to keep up with the newest fashion trend and the technology has create the world first smart shoe by adding microchip inside their shoes. “Good marketing is no Accident but a result of careful planning and execution using state of the art tools and techniques. Its becomes both an art and science as marketers strive to find creative new solutions to often complex challenges amid profound changes in the 21th century marketing environment.”(Keller & Kotler 2012 Pg. 3). The key to good marketing is more like a value enhancer of a company’s product and service which is a major attribute for build a stronger connection with consumers in their neighborhood around the world. Adidas uses the fact that most Americans are listen to hip hop music and hired rapper like Run DMC to mention their company in song, movies and group events. I
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