Marketing Plan For A Business Model

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In marketing, the business model a firm chose can be one of the ways that reflects the process of value-creating into the market. It defined the physical elements of the enterprise and the procedure about taking apart in the marketplace and market shares acquisition. Strategy and tactics are the two key components of the business model. Philip Kotler(2001) said that, “marketing plan plays an important role in the course of strategic planning, which is the basis for all marketing strategies and decisions.” In words, marketing plan is the key strategy of products or brands and there are two kinds of it. On the one hand, strategic marketing plan depicts the total business goal and strategies with a basement of the current market atmosphere and analyses of possible opportunities. On the other hand, followed the strategic marketing plan, tactical marketing plan formulates a series of specific activities like brand building, incentives and communication. To achieve and stay in an advantaged position in the market, companies should always consider in developing their core competitive factors. The book of Profit from the core that wrote by Mr. Chris Zook and Mr. James Allen(2001) highlights “3C strategies”,which are competent, consumer and concentration, should be adopted as the key element of the growth of a firm. A clear awareness of the core business of the company can be the most important thing for the owner and is also helpful to realize the accounts and products developing.
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