Marketing Plan For A Business Plan Competition

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2. Literature Review Research shows that business plan competitions throughout time have always provided a substantial opportunity to improve entrepreneurial education. Student entrepreneurs originally were interested in business plan competitions because it was a place for them to create and pitch their business ideas to real investors and get incredible feedback. However, over time, the location of the competitions, the people competing in the competitions, the robustness of business plans, and the outcome of the competition have changed. These four factors affect each other and have changed how people go about growing as entrepreneurs. 2.1 Business Plan Competition Locations More and more business plan competitions have been popping up all over the world in the past ten years. A 2006 survey of 2,100 universities by the Kauffman Foundation shows that 16 percent of universities were offering business plan competitions around the world; so today in 2016 I am sure that percentage has increased (Leffel and Hallum 2008). The United States has some of the better-known business plan competitions, such as the Rhode Island Business Plan Competition. While many are open to international entrepreneurs, most depend on one’s location or affiliation to a university - which is limiting. However, in the middle is the Rhode Island Business Plan Competition where applicants can be from wherever, but all applicants must agree to establish substantial operations in Rhode Island in order to
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