Marketing Plan For A Business Plan

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First Things First:
Before you start tutoring, it 's important to create a business plan, determine your company’s specialization and create a company image that sets you apart from the competition and attracts your target market.

Draw up a Business Plan and Name Your Business: Name your tutorial business if you have not already done so. Brainstorm a list of names with the help of friends, family members and business partners. Choose a name that stands out and communicates your business’s unique focus and image.

Create a document that describes the focus of your business. Decide how you will provide tutorial services. Outline the services you will provide and include areas of specialization. Do your research, make a list of ways that you can distinguish yourself from competitors through lower prices, specialized services or specific expertise. Include a section in your business plan that describes your marketing plans, pricing and supplies etc.

In Your Business Plan you Should Consider:
Scope: For our purposes scope as the size of the potential market that you targeting, both geographically and population-wise. For instance if you are a College Graduate planning to offer Math tutoring to students in your community, then your business scope will be small and so will your startup costs. In fact, you could probably launch your business for next to nothing. You could market via word-of-mouth and do your tutoring at home, in the school library or even online via Skype. If…
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