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Marketing Plan As I navigated my way through the business plan provided to me by ChopSaver, I saw that they had a clear and concise marketing plan. Currently ChopSaver is sold online and in over 9,000 U.S. retailers, including over 7,000 CVS Pharmacy locations nationwide. When asked how they market their product, ChopSaver replied, “As a brand with a unique and authentic story behind it, we utilize both social media and public relations to tell the story. The musical part of the brand lends itself well to YouTube and other use of video including Facebook, Facebook ads and Twitter. Additional marketing will include traditional methods including email, direct mail, and product sampling both through the mail and at live events. Many of …show more content…
ChopSaver is asking for a minimum investment of $2500.00. The thing that is slightly concerning to me is that they are not profitable till 2018. On the Local Stake site, it says that ChopSaver has been in business since 2004. That is striking odd to me that they haven’t really made profit and wont make any till 2018. With that being said, I had never heard of Chop Saver till this report. I truly believe that once ChopSaver creates a better and more recognizable name in the market, this will be a game changer for lip balm for musicians and those who suffer chronic dryness and inflammatory. One thing that I would have liked to see in the data is how much revenue is from online sales versus retail store sales. I think if that information was given, it would give us a better insight on what way to go about marketing. It also scares me a bit that even after this fundraiser, the company plans to borrow more money. Overall I think that the financials are very helpful. There are a few questions I would like to ask and clarify, but overall I am impressed by the correctness and detail of the financial statements.

Operations Plan The operations plan for ChopSaver is clearly stated in the business plan. On Local Stake, ChopSaver will use the money from investors is to raise at least $500,000.00 or more for marketing purposes. ChopSaver proposes that with this fundraiser, they want to invest across a few different marketing channels that have had

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