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Marketing Plan As I navigated my way through the business plan provided to me by ChopSaver, I saw that they had a clear and concise marketing plan. Currently ChopSaver is sold online and in over 9,000 U.S. retailers, including over 7,000 CVS Pharmacy locations nationwide. When asked how they market their product, ChopSaver replied, “As a brand with a unique and authentic story behind it, we utilize both social media and public relations to tell the story. The musical part of the brand lends itself well to YouTube and other use of video including Facebook, Facebook ads and Twitter. Additional marketing will include traditional methods including email, direct mail, and product sampling both through the mail and at live events. Many of these tactics are done through our key influencers including school band directors and physicians including dermatologists and oncologists”. In order for ChopSaver to successfully compete in the market, they will “influence the influencers.” ChopSaver goes after band directors because they have hundreds of students in their classes. They will also continue to target physicians because they have thousands of patients under their care. ChopSaver believes that marketing to thousands of trusted teachers, doctors, and nurses, they can reach millions of end users. ChopSaver has acknowledge that this is a crowded market, but their placement in CVS allows for access to both the “niche” market as well as a wider consumer base. I believe that ChopSaver

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