Marketing Plan For A Business Plan

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Marketing plan is very important and pretty much to the overall financial and business plan. This plan is the way to success, and it is breaks down into two components that will enable The Sub Shop to perform marketing activities to provide a solid return on investment.
Plan is designed to complete the business plan, but is also a way for company officers to get a handle on the external and internal factors that will influence the company 's success in the Ashland market. The following topics will help to define how the company plans to make difference to the business and to product offering from the competition, this strategy will let the business to success its goals.
Opening a franchise company has its joys and perils. The franchise brand may not provide the level of support expected from a larger franchise chain. With that said, the combined management experience, and synergy between the goals of the franchisor and the company 's goals will lead to the long-term success of our franchise.
These are the marketing objectives:
• To acquire 25% market share in the Ashland region.
• To position ourselves as a local company, with strong ties to the community.
• To be perceived as the cleanest, most responsive Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) in Ashland.

Situation Analysis
The Sub Shop is a QSR, that resides somewhere between a fast food restaurant and a sit down restaurant. This category is growing quickly, as people tend to paying a little more than they would for…
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