Marketing Plan For A Business Plan

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”Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy” Benjamin Franklin
Sunny Brewing Company is located in Small Town USA.
For the purpose of this assignment the following assumptions will be used:
 The liquor licensing laws allow for onsite consumption as well as distribution.
 The physical plant location is not geographically bound thus allowing for physical expansion, rather than total relocation, to add square footage for the operation. In this instance the term bound refers to no available tenant space on either side of the existing location.
 Credit history of the company is solid, with no loan or bill default having occurred.
 Management has an established tracking of customer sales and preferences.
 Owners/stakeholders are invested in making this a business not creating a hobby business for the sake of brewing beer. Therefore, a written business plan is in existence. A written business plan would have been required to secure the government loan.
 A business plan should be a working document, not created and then placed in a drawer. It should remain on the desk as a reminder of the objectives and goals set forth initially and revised as the business grows and adapts. Every business owner has a goal of profitability and sustainability. Entrepreneurs tend to also have goals that involve investment and commitment to their business community. Many businesses also make commitments supporting the charitable organizations within their community.
 Sunny Brewing…
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