Marketing Plan For A Company

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Marketing Plan
From Pioneer

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Table Of Contents

Executive Summary 3
Introduction 4
Situational Analysis 4
Strengths: 4
Weaknesses: 4
Opportunities: 5
Threats: 5
Market Research 6
Marketing Objectives 7
Profit Maximization 7
Increasing Market Share 8
Target Market 8
Marketing Strategies 8
Product: 8
Price: 9
Promotion: 9
Place: 10
Date of Implementation 10
Monitoring & Controlling 10
Product 12

Executive Summary

Pioneer is a multinational corporation, which is based in Kawasaki, Japan. The company specializes in digital entertainment products; Nozomu Matsumoto founded Pioneer in 1983 in Tokyo were he worked as a radio and speaker repairer. The current president of Pioneer is Susumu Kotani.

Pioneer played a large role in the development of multiple products we now use today, some things they developed are cable TV, Laser Disc player, the first detachable face car stereo and DVD. One of Pioneer’s latest products brought into the market is the DDJ-F1, which is currently in the introduction stage of the product life cycle.

It is a DJ kit that aims to entice all ages and types of disc jockey’s both male and female in the music industry, but is mainly for the music industry. As this is a new product entering the market, there are strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. The main marketing objectives for the DDJ-F1 are to achieve profit maximization and increase

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