Marketing Plan For A Delivery Service

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Industry Organization PakSafe is a subcategory of the global Packing and Shipping service industry. Since our primary focus is security, competitors in the broader industry are to be considered as indirect competition. UPS, FedEx and USPS operate in the Packing and Shipping industry and are examples of such indirect competitors but can also be seen as potential partners. How are goods and services produced and delivered to customers? What we have discussed so far is the possibility of partnering with a delivery service. We have concluded from observing the activities of our direct competition that we will be at an extraordinary advantage if delivery services choose our product for their destination deliveries. As of now our indirect competition is producing and delivering packaged goods independently without a guaranteed secure “landing zone”. Our aim is to collaborate with these companies to ensure safe shipment of our disassembled product. Where are they produced? What is the level of integration? PakSafe has considered contract manufacturing rather than in-house production as a means of creating the components of the product. After discussing and drafting blueprints, we will develop relationships with these manufacturers to guarantee an accurate and timely process. Once the components are made, they will be distributed and assembled either at the manufacturing plant or at our physical location. This depends on the various costs associated with either option,

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