Marketing Plan For A Marketing Mix

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The promotional concept has been used in many instances to create a meeting point between sellers and buyers. This occurs through providing critical information to customers. Promotion as a marketing mix can be defined as the art used to inform, persuade and remind a target audience regarding a given produce and service (Kazmi & Batra, 2008). In many circumstances, it involves the reduction of prices of products for a limited time (Wiehenbrauk, 2010). This is mainly to attract consumers into purchasing the company’s product. Promotion as part of the 4P’s in marketing will take into consideration various promotional activities in order to persuade people into buying the healthy diet pill. Advertising Advertising is a promotional tool that establishes a link between buyers and sellers in a market (Mehta, 2008). It is usually used to relay information to the target market using mass-media advertising tools. In advertising, the company will communicate the products availability to the audience to increase awareness and inform customers on the existence of the product. The company will advertise the healthy diet pill through the use of billboards, television and radio. In this strategy, billboards will be used to run an advertising campaign that uses an outdoor advertising strategy where billboards are mounted on specific highways and places (Shimp & Andrews, 2007). This outdoor tool will be mounted in high traffic areas, avenues and on buildings to inform masses on the
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