Marketing Plan For A Marketing Strategy

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A marketing plan is crucial to the survival of an organization. Marketing plans need to be well thought out and target a certain market. The market that an organization chooses will demonstrate what direction they want the organization to head in. However, choosing just one market will be problematic to the organization because they will be missing out on other opportunities to grow. The organization needs to operate like the old sane, kill two birds with one stone. Therefore, if an organization can effectively and efficiently provide a quality marketing strategy; the organization will be able to grow vertically and horizontally. An organization can only grow if the company’s philosophy is based on long term ideas and not short term. A marketing campaign seems like a short term idea to achieve finical goals. However, a successful marketing campaign will be based on long term goals. Long term thinking is the only way an organization can instill trust and loyalty in the customer/patient. Once trust and loyalty is adopted by the consumer, the organization will begin to operate as long term thinking organization. Superior health philosophy is based on long term goals that promote longevity to the community and the organization as a whole. Currently Superior health is deciding on a new location for their organization and this process is costly to the organization. This financial burden needs to be handled effectively so that the Superior health can still provide quality care
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