Marketing Plan For A Marketing Strategy Essay

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Financials The budget estimates and financials required for the proper and effective conduct of this marketing plan throughout calendar year 2016 by On-Target of SoCal can best be broken down and expressed within the following three major categories; implied, specified, and shared marketing activities. Each of which will be further addressed in the following paragraphs.
Implied Marketing Tasks The Implied Marketing Tasks include all those marketing activities conducted directly and routinely by the entire staff of On-Target. These include each and every face-to-face positive encounter between a staff member and a given customer while at On-Target. Also included are the data point collection activities conduct as customers opt in to On-Target emailing and contact lists becoming a members of the larger On-Target shooting community and thus eligible to receive the frequent coupon and discount offers being made to all shooters on our digital mailing list. Offers are routinely being made to our customers to join our on-line community each and every time shooters stop by at the reception counter of the main range office to pre-pay for that day’s range time.
And since this entire system was automated to the electronic and digital form circa 2011, the only inherent additional cost expected for this year’s new marketing initiatives is expected to be the added time spent by management properly disseminating this added shooter-check-in requirements to the existing routine
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