Marketing Plan For A Marketing Strategy

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long road ahead if they are to barge into the media market. However, their innovations and passion for their products leave no doubt in my mind, they will succeed.
Table 1
GoPro SWOT analysis
Strong brand
Strong athlete endorsers
Viral Marketing
Innovation Products
Durability Weaknesses
Specific products
Expensive accessories and products
Increased competition
No flash

Global market is increasing
Content delivery technologies
Media hosting
Viral marketing Threats
Hardware company competition (Sony)
Media company competition (Facebook)
Note. The GoPro SWOT assessment of external and internal environmental elements.
5.0 Marketing Strategy and Goals
The goal of this marketing plan is to leverage existing social media networks and mobile devices to share content. By providing the consumers with content management and editing tools, the consumers can share more of their videos. By sharing more videos, GoPro can harness the power of social media and viral marketing via online content. Furthermore, the purpose of this marketing plan is to use online marketing tools to create value, value delivery, value communication, and customer relationships (Popa, 2015). By establishing loyal customer relationships, GoPro can retain their market share and continue to build their action camera empire.
6.0 STP Analysis
6.1 Segmentation. Market segmentation for GoPro consists of a global geographic consumer base. Therefor the development of market segmentation
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