Marketing Plan For A Marketing Strategy

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Executive Summary The idea behind his marketing plan is to take advantage of digital technology a majority of customer are already using every day. Frequent traveler are in tune with Delta’s fares and services provided. The company must broadcast these benefits to the population at large in order increase its share of the market. The customers utilizing other carriers or other forms of travel is vast untapped resource that Delta needs to reach. Television and newspaper ads are becoming increasingly obsolete which makes digital technology the way of the future. The target market isn’t an exact demographic or geographical area but rather, anyone with access to the internet and a need to travel. The marketing strategy will reach millions more potential traveler by increasing awareness through digital means such as social media outlets, strategically place internet ads, and customer direct electronic mail. Delta airlines must choose it positioning wisely as to not exclude certain potential traveler and cast a wide net. The airline should positioned itself toward “Consumer in search of a reliable alterative to standard travel methods or other cost-cutting carrier, Delta offers comfortable and trustworthy air travel to the best destinations for business or leisure customers.” This positioning separates Delta from the other airlines who offer bare minimum benefits yet has them competing with other modes of travel such as train, bus, personal auto.
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