Marketing Plan For A Marketing Strategy

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the marketing activities. If they exceed the allocated budget, it could lead to conflict with the Finance team and will be detrimental to the company’s overall profits and will be against the company’s strategy to generate more profits. Many companies follow a very high level of corporate ethics and responsibility and hence marketing strategy should also be in line with this strategy. If the company advertises a wrong good or in a wrong manner, it can lead to reputation loss. The marketing mix has to be therefore very carefully chosen so that it does not contradict the overall corporate strategy.

Task 2
Understand the tools used to develop a strategic marketing strategy
2.1. Assess the value of models used in strategic marketing planning
A well devised marketing plan is a pathway for the marketing initiatives of a company for a specified future period of time like one year or five years. It is important to see that no single “generic” marketing plan which applies to all organizations and all situations. What is needed is the specific format for a marketing plan for an organization depending on the below mentioned factors:
a) The target audience and purpose- who is the audience and what its purpose. An advertising arrangement for an interior group of onlookers tries to point the course for future promoting exercises and is sent to all people in the association. Who must actualize the arrangement or will 's identity influenced by it? On the off chance…
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