Marketing Plan For A New Company

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Introduction – Denise’s Scrapping with Style Company This paper will provide the marketing plan and sales strategy of a new company, Denise’s Scrapping with Style (DSS). First, this paper will analyze the types of consumers who will be purchasing my products in demographic terms, supported with data of the size of the demographic groups in my local community. Next, it will outline the demographic information for my company using a demographic description template. Further, this paper will use a competition assessment to evaluate DSS’ market competition. Also, it will defend my strategy to successfully compete against market leaders in my segment. Next, this paper will defend my plan to differentiate my company from the competition using a market share analysis. Further, it will clarify DSS’ message using The Five F’s (functions, finances, freedom, feelings, and future). Finally, this paper will identify the marketing vehicles we will use to build the company’s brand, justifying why they will be effective. I will provide examples of other crafting companies that use these tactics effectively. Denise’s Scrapping with Style Company-Description and Demographics Denise’s Scrapping with Style (DSS) is a scrapbook company located in Rockville, Maryland. DSS is a relatively small company that offers its customers a chance to purchase complete, hard copy scrapbooks and accessories to accentuate these scrapbooks. In the end, customers will be able to purchase a
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