Marketing Plan For A Small Business

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Thesis Statement: The economy is for ever changing toward what has control of demands, the environment of entrepreneurship is high on the charts, however the small business are surviving equally with the large businesses.
Key Points:
• The interest of how a small business begins the foundation of the establishment and analyzing the duties of managing this goal.
• Elements that make a business such as the investors, consumers, and strategic management will be explained in detail.
• The benefits of TQM when implementing the strategic plan to meet goals or increasing profit within a small business.
• The economy’s motivation of small businesses stability as compared to large businesses that are well established, also the financial assistance of other organization including the government.
• Different categories of a company and the importance of CRM to any size business.
• To compare the marketing plan of a small business and a large business where it reflects the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.
Conclusion: This paper is intended to give clarity on the depths of small businesses, how they plan to succeed and get through possible adversity. The surviving mechanism it takes to maintain in a world where large businesses are expected to exist longer than small business.

Small businesses are becoming a trend in the work environment today. The analogy of small businesses to large business brings about the question, “Can they eventually equal up in the world
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