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VICORO TRANSPORT Marketing plan Rafael Gomez July 15, 2015 Mrs. Harriss LeTourneau University VICORO TRANSPORT MISSION STATEMENT “YOU HAVE IT…WE HAUL IT” VICORO TRANSPORT LLC, is a family owned Hot Shot company located in the surrounding Houston area. We specialize in oilfield, construction material and general commodities up to 40’ long and 15,000 lbs. We strive to lead in the industry by providing an excellent customer service, competitive pricing, and quality of work you can count on that is driven to provide safe, courteous, on-time delivery of your transportation needs by using current best practices. SWOT ANALYSIS STRENGTHS: • Family owned company • Customer loyalty- main account was with Seaboard Wellhead which was…show more content…
Each truck will do at least a minimum of 3 local loads per day, 5 days a week to reach $10,000 monthly goal. We will market the major well head companies to build the relationship with and earn the business. Seaboard Wellhead being my major vendor will provide 5-7 loads daily. These loads will be either locally or anywhere in the state of Texas that it will make up the difference in revenue if the total of 9 daily loads per truck is not met. VICORO TRANSPORT LLC will meet this goal within six months of business. By the end of the first fiscal year of business we should have increased business by 30% by increasing business with other vendors besides Seaboard Wellhead. Business Competitive Advantage Analysis VICORO TRANSPORT, LLC has an opportunity to establish its competitive position in local transportation in the Texas market by selectively focusing its target market in the oil industry. The company has already experienced servicing this type of clientele and I believe that there is a growing demand for reliable, same-day Hot Shot transportation solutions in this customer base. VICORO TRANSPORT, LLC provides our customers with courteous, prompt and dependable transportation service. Our major competitive advantage is the enormous industry experience and solid reputation. The
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