Marketing Plan For An Organization

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1.Executive summary Marketing is a process of creating, organizing, communicating, delivering, providing and exchanging offerings in the form of information about the product or services which creates a value in the eyes of customers, society etc. about the business providing the product or about the brand at large. In this course of marketing I got lot of knowledge about marketing concepts relating to brand promotion, communication mix, qualitative research etc. which would help me in future to carry out the role of media planning, creating marketing plans, setting marketing budget. This assignment is a reflective essay of what I have learnt in the course. Also there is job which ACME as an organisation is offering for the role Accounts…show more content…
Integrated Marketing Communications is a well-coordinated flow of interlinked promotional activities which an organisation undertakes to make the market aware about the product or changes taking there on. However in the views of American Association of Advertising Agencies, integrated marketing communications is a method which recognizes and values the plan which is evaluated on strategic grounds and dedicated to a variety of communication disciplines, public relations, advertising, personal selling etc. and then combines all or some of these to form an effective information so as to have maximum impact on the customers and market forces. Components of Integrated Marketing Communication Organisational Culture: - Organisation culture is an important component of Integrated Marketing Communication as Organisation’s Vision and Mission statement, Aptitude of the organisation towards its employees, communication strategy within the organisation, and relation of employees among themselves in the organisation are all a part of Organisational culture. As Integrated Marketing Communication is the way in which organisation communicate with its customers, thus organisational culture and the way in which organisation thinks and achieves its goals are very important and have a huge role to play in defining the success of IMC’s to the overall organisational growth and goal achievement. 4C’S:- As IMC’s are the use of promotional tools for
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