Marketing Plan For Apple Inc. Essay

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I. Introduction
Founded in 1976, Apple Inc. has been largely successful and has experienced incredible expansion in its history. Starting with the production of the PC in the 70s, Apple became the most valuable company in the world in 2012. Apple Inc. went through extensive renovation, after the company introduced IPod with its ITunes Store that served like a digital marketplace and offered consumers access to musical collections at reasonable prices. In addition, Apple introduced IPhone with its App Store that provided customers with various mobile applications. Both markets were copyright-protected platforms, which inspired artists and app-developers to use platforms. In 2011, Apple presented IPad, a product designed to integrate work process, telecommunication, and media concurrently. In 2015, Apple expanded and launched the Apple Watch in main global markets. As for now, Apple has managed to become a leader in IT industry producing computers, laptops, mp3 players, mobile devices and various software as well. The company is considered to be one of the industry’s pioneers, being the first one to create properly personal computers, first multicolor monitors, first operational systems with graphic interface, first musical internet store etc. Apple keeps on prospering, launching new electronic devices every year which only boosts the hype among its loyal customers and manages to attract thousands of new ones. Trying to expand the business on to many other different
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