Marketing Plan For Asian Food Catering

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Company Description Paper The business planning process is a very critical part of a business, in order for a business to be productive and successful in the end. There is no easy way to get around business planning because as a business owner you have to always use strategies that is going to work for your business and not against your business. I have always had that taste of love for Asian food and I have been to a few different events in the past through-out the United States that I have seen Asian food being catered and served. So I am going to propose too you some information on the business plan of my choice that will help my business fulfill and cater to the needs of our target customers. Also my business will always focus on providing them with great customer service and customer satisfaction at all times. Mission Statement Our Mission is to provide Asian food catering services targeting Asians communities and more that is present in the United States. We will cater to all kinds of events, business conventions, weddings, and other social gatherings in large event halls or similar venues across the United States. The Asian communities along with others will be able to get together and enjoy quality food. Our target is to expand our business base in the United States by providing quality customer service and satisfaction guaranteed with future expansion in the UK through franchising methods. Company Goals and Objectives When companies have set goals to be achieved

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