Marketing Plan For Chipotle Mexican Grill

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During the fourth quarter of 2015, Chipotle’s sales were significantly declined due to an E.coli outbreak, including 14.6% decline in comparable restaurant sales. As a result of the food safety incidents, subsequent negative publicity adversely impacted on Chipotle’s restaurant sales and profitability. In response to these incidents on their sales, Chipotle’s objective is to increase comparable restaurant sales by 5% in three years. It also aims to win back the customers and reverse negative sales trends through product development.
Table 2 shows that the addition of new items to the menu is an opportunity for Chipotle to attract more customers. With the weakness of limited menu options combined with the opportunity, Chipotle can increase sales by introducing new product categories. While Chipotle Mexican Grill is focusing on Mexican-based fast food, Chipotle opened a new restaurant in 2011 called ShopHouse Southeast Asian Kitchen, serving Asian-inspired cuisine. With this newly brand concept under Chipotle, this related diversification strategy could be the key to the company’s growth in the future. Due to the food safety incidents, Chipotle is running the risk of losing loyal customers under the threats of E.coli outbreak. Chipotle plans to bring back Chorizo to the menu, a blend of spicy pork sausage and chicken, to draw back its most loyal customers. Moreover, the company has developed a catering program tapping into new consumer occasions. This newly catering option not

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