Marketing Plan For Coca Cola

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There has been a recent shift in American product demands. As health concerns such as obesity and diabetes have become more apparent in American society, consumers have been demanding healthier options. This trend has led to a rise in sales for water and wellness beverages and a decline in sales of sugary beverages such as soda. Last year, for the first time in history, bottled water sales surpassed pop sales. Beverage companies in response are expanding and changing their options.

The world’s most popular beverage companies are PepsiCo and Coca-Cola Company are working to meet customer demands. Both companies have regular bottled water options now; Coca-Cola owns Dasani, and PepsiCo owns Aquafina. Yet, there has been a push
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The block of time is estimated to cost five million dollars. Alongside the commercial for LIFEWTR, PepsiCo’s Pepsi Zero Sugar will be featured during the Super Bowl’s coveted half-time show. Although there is no way to know what the advertisement will be like, the preview advertisement, “Inspiration Drops”, has given customers a little taste of the premium water product coming their way this year.

Implications of Practice

The introduction of a new competitor in any market is sure to make sales more difficult for previous players. Coca-Cola company is currently the leader in the premium water industry with smartwater, but this may be affected by PespsiCo’s new LIFEWTR. Although the implications of this new product are unknown, PepsiCo has strong brand recognition and the resources to make LIFEWTR a major player in the premium water market. LIFEWTR’s potential success is a very negative possibility for Coca-Cola Company’s sales. For this reason, Coca-Cola Company and smartwater are the losers here. Only time will tell if LIFEWTR or another product will take smartwater out of the game as the leader in premium water or if smartwater will continue to be a winner in the industry.

It is a long and complicated process to take an idea, such as LIFEWTR, through research and development and have it result in a new product on the market. PepsiCo is a winner in this regard. It should also be recognized that
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