Marketing Plan For Coca Cola

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Advertisement Name: - Ogilvy Amsterdam Wants You to’ Choose to Smile’ for Coca-Cola
Theme of the advertisement:- It is said that children smile up to 40 times more than adults every day. “It’s the first thing we ever learn to do”. Challenging viewers to watch without smiling.
1. Introduction:-
Now a day everyone is busy on their own world. So the department of broadcasting and media try to put some effective social awareness through the advertisements to analyse the importance of our lives in the society. This advertisement was broadcasted in the television during the year of 2015 and it was clearly seen at the bottom of the screen during the playback and this commercial related to the industry of Coca-Cola. This depicts a lot to the society regarding child development and learning. The members involved for the success of this advertisement are given below in chronological order.
Chief Creative Officer: Ogilvy/Darre van Dijk
Sr. Copywriter: Ogilvy/Jesse Ridder
Sr. Art Director: Ogilvy/Jurriaan van Bokhoven
Agency Producer: Ogilvy/Pirke Bergsma
Account Director: Ogilvy/Annelouk Kriele
Director: Czar/Marleen Jonkman
Executive Producer: Czar/Karlijn Paardekooper
Producer: Czar/Sophie Hendriks
Researcher: Fem Verbeek
DoP: Martijn van Broekhuizen
Editor: Jelmar Hoekstra/Pieter Bokhorst
Colourist: CrabSalad/Laurens Orij
Sound Engineer: ParkStudio/Wouter Veersema
Music: (stock)Droopy Drawers-‘Drawers Serge’VOHuib Koch

“Ogilvy & Mather…

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