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Name: Uchenna E. Ofoma
Course: Business and Society
Fall 2017


Coca- Cola has broad sustainability strategy known as “Live Positively” which is integrated to the company’s overall business plan. It incorporates the environment, community and workplace. Coca Cola created a “2020 Sustainability Goals” that isn’t compliance based or based upon a license to operate. Bea Perez, Chief Sustainability Officer, The Coca-Cola Company believes that the health of the Coca Cola Company and the health of the communities where they operate are closely connected as such they consider the correlation between their business, the environment and the communities they operate across the planet.

To Coca Cola “sustainability
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Progress: 2014 (61%), 2015 (59%) and 2016 (59.3%)

Water Stewardship
Goal: Safely return to communities and nature the same amount of water used in their finished beverages and to improve water efficiency in their manufacturing operations by 25%.
Progress: 2014 (94% water returned safely and water efficiency improved by 10%) 2015 (115% water returned safely and water efficiency improved by 12%) 2016 (132.9% water returned safely and water efficiency improved by 13%)

Women’s Economic Empowerment
Goal: Enable the economic empowerment of 5million women across their global value chain.
Progress: 2014 (865,000), 2015 (1,200,000), 2016 (1,700,000) women empowered.


PepsiCo has a CSR/sustainability goal and strategy which it calls “Performance with Purpose.” It was set more than 10years ago aimed at creating a healthier relationship between planet, people and food while continuing to grow their business. Also, it is not a compliance based strategy neither is it based upon a license to operate.

They set out a 2025 agenda to deliver needed change across the company, their value chain, the industry and world. Indra Nooyi, the Chairman and CEO of PepsiCo defines sustainability as “cause to continue for an extended period or without

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