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Creative Brief Client: Coca-Cola Project: Coke Zero Spring 2015 Campaign - Australia Advertising Task Build up an innovative stage which fortifies Coke Zero 's picture as the favored low calorie non-alcoholic item for the advanced customer. Coke Zero is a without sugar item, and a more beneficial choice when looked at its rivals. Inventive applications should be customized to their circumstance to draw in specifically with the objective business sector. The accompanying inventive executions are required: o 2 x 30-second TV advertisements o 1 x 90-second film for YouTube transfer o Promotional shows for bars/clubs in metropolitan zones crosswise over Australia o POS shows close registration regions in markets in…show more content…
Surrogate markers to be utilized include: bundling, shading and the Coca-Cola brand. Timeframe and Budget The duration given by the client to make the advertisement is 3 months and the funds for this advertisement allocated are about $20,000. The cost can be flexible depends on the advertisement’s quality. Brand Image and Positioning The Coke Zero brand is at present situated as high caliber, moderate, zero calorie cola. Being an item under the Coca-Cola brand, Coke Zero is naturally thought to be a dependable item. Enormous brand mindfulness and brand reliability has been set up through past crusades. To comprehend the present demeanors towards Coke Zero the brand properties and advantages must be taken a gander at as far as the client 's discernments (considerations and emotions). Coke Zero 's qualities include: reasonableness, alluring and strong bundling, various bundling choices (multi, can, bottle) and the noteworthy dark, red and white hues. The advantages and current states of mind of Coke Zero fit into three classes: practical necessities, typical requirements, and experiential needs. o Functional: Consumers view Coke Zero as simple to acquire (accommodation/cost) and a more advantageous option. This satisfies their mental requirement for thirst and also medical advantages (contrasted with different soft drinks). In spite of the fact that worries of aspartame and its reactions do emerge – the more youthful

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