Marketing Plan For Coca Cola

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When entering this class, I had no previous knowledge of Market Watch and the stock market. I had know idea that there were websites that informed users in stock market trends, and had tools and games to better train people in investing. My curiousness for the stock market started to grow, because I have never had the opportunity to actually buy stuff and see how it increases or decreases over time. These last few months have been full of obstacles, pertaining to my investments in the game. Overall, I ended on a good note finishing 13th among 51 players, making a little over $36,000. I invested in six very diverse companies.
The first company I invested in was Coca-Cola. I invested in it because I’m a costumer of the company, and I assumed that their stock would go up with the upcoming holidays. I also was aware that Coca-Cola is a well-established company, and I knew there was less risk when investing in an established organization. I bought 800 shares at $149.80. I kept the stocks for a month and a half, before I sold them because Coke was losing me money quickly. I ended up selling it for a loss of $4.81 a share. Coca-Cola wasn’t a smart investment for myself. I should’ve researched its profitability ratios more, in the last few months. I went with my gut and it backfired.
The second stock I bought was Fit Bit. Fit Bit has been one of the biggest growing companies in the last decade and I believed that this growth would carry into the stock market. I bought 800 shares…

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