Marketing Plan For Coffee Shop

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Marketing Plan Proposal

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Introduction & Context

The targeted industry is coffee shop for this business venture. According to the latest research from the NPD Group, the coffee shop industry continues to thrive in the evolving economy [1]. In the past years, out-of-home coffee servings have fallen by more than 3%, but while the visits in coffee shops remained flat. Even though the marketplace is challenged, the market is still huge [2].

This business venture wishes to gain competitive advantage in this industry with major companies as competitors. Through research, it showed that privately-owned coffee shops are especially growing in this industry, while facing competition from chain retailers [3]. Therefore, the performance of local coffee shops in Canada, competing against other chain competitors will be analyzed to see how they survive in this marketplace. This business venture will focus on the coffee shop industry with low entrance barriers and high popularity.

Coffee shop is an existing business model since there are between 4000-5000 independent coffee shop owners and nearly several thousand owner-operators in Canada [2]. However, it is still attractive because this venture is a good start-up business with low costs of entry [4]. And this is a business contains both products and service.

This business venture will position itself as a upscale coffee shop where provided high quality

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