Marketing Plan For Designing A Smartphone App

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Marketing Plan As a shopper, have you ever forgotten to purchase something at the store? Has it ever taken you too long to buy a short list of product due to backtracking or lack of assistance from store associates? Well, the marketing plan that we have developed is to create a Smartphone App that we have named CartGuider. The main intention of this product is to assist consumers in finding the location of any in-store item within an established market that provides goods and services. Other uses of the CartGuider app include allowing customers to save their favorite items or lists for future reference, price match the item the consumer has a want or need for with other markets within the vicinity to find the most effective deals, assemble ratings and reviews for the product or service, and giving the consumer the power and ability to enter in their shopping list to have the items categorized in a mapping format that will eliminate the amount of time spent in the store. This feature will also give the consumer the ability to submit their shopping list to the market of choice to have assembled for in-store pickup and make payable through the app. Benefits This product is not only meant to assist the consumers with finding a product, but to provide a few benefits to shoppers, as well as the markets utilizing this app. When the app is first downloaded, the user is prompted to enter in some basic information: their birthday, first and last name, and gender. This
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