Marketing Plan For Gatorade Increase Employee Production

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Now that I have analyzed Gatorade’s main competition, found the research on my target market, and come to terms on the strategies I am going to use, I can now bring it all together to create a new e-marketing strategy that will give Gatorade with a new online presence, and that will give them the tools they need to present themselves with a fresh start in the marketing world. Having tasks and a timetable is really important when creating a new marketing plan because it allows a company to stay motivated and focused on making sure they are giving the company a chance at success (Johnson, n.d.). That is why with this plan I will have a 5-10 year plan attached to it because I feel that the short-term goals will help Gatorade increase employee production and that will ultimately increase Gatorade’s profit and market share. The short-term tasks of this plan include; having at least 1 million followers on all are social media outlets in 2-3 years or less from when this plan is integrated and a 65-70 percent customer participation rating in all Gatorade’s contests and discussions on their social media outlets in 3-5 years. I focused on the social media aspect for the plan’s short-term goals because I feel that having Gatorade focus on customer involvement and interaction will help the company grow now and 20 years from now when the world is even more technological.
As for long-term goals, I want to have Gatorade’s profit and market share up by 15 percent in 5-7 years after this
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