Marketing Plan For H & M 's Business Strategy

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Marketing plan for the launch of a new range supporting H&M’s business strategy in Algeria. Executive Summary This marketing plan made for H&M s new product range set to introduce in Algeria. It describes the role of the marketing plan and its connection with H&M corporate strategy in terms of supporting strategic objectives and analysing external and internal environment to support the setting of corporate objectives. This report identifies the most adequate new product development strategy for H&M test marketing and crowdsourcing. Product description, pricing and distribution strategy for entering the Algerian market are also suggested. Promotion and communication strategy and the issues of implementation has been addressed, as well as…show more content…
Enter into the emerging markets of the African continent in Algeria is a great opportunity for H&M towards these corporate objectives, and it also makes the possibility for further expansions in the African country. Appropriate Techniques for Product Development After the identification of the market segment H&M wishes to enter the actual strategies for the new product range can be developed accordingly. There are various ways at hand for the company in order to develop the mentioned new range of clothes. The most appropriate ones for this scenario are: test marketing and crowd sourcing. Test marketing helps the decision maker to gather relevant feedback on the product range and it also helps to identify opportunities in the market. Test marketing gives the chance for H&M to test the marketing plan and the new product range at the same time in the real marketing environment. “The objective of this marketing phase is to test all the variables in the marketing plan, including different elements and characteristics of the product.” (Boundless, 2015) By test marketing in certain cities in
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