Marketing Plan For Jackthreads : The History And Description Of Jackthreads

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MARKETING PLAN FOR JACKTHREADS THE HISTORY & DESCRIPTION OF JACKTHREADS JackThreads is an electronic commerce site that delivers to consumers an opulent assortment of men’s apparel and accessories. Correspondingly, JackThreads does this by showcasing limited-run collaborations between fashion designers with celebrities, and a private labeled line designed with the everyday man in mind. In 2006, founder Jason Ross had a desire to create an e-commerce platform to liquidate a popular brand men’s merchandise, thus pass off savings to the consumer. After noticing an off-price model working in Europe for Vente Privee, he formed relationships with suppliers and local developers in Columbus at trade shows to start the development of his e-commerce…show more content…
DESCRIPTION OF JACK THREAD’S TARGET MARKET JackThreads’ target consumers is men, aged between early 20’s to early 30’s years old, of an urban lifestyle with an annual income of $40,000 or more. The product line offered to consumers, is aimed to the staples in a man’s wardrobe. With this intention, one of the first collection consisted of 32- pieces, which include slim tees priced near $18, light weight jeans priced at $60, and inspirational items such as a camel topcoat. As Mark Walker, president of commerce, said the collection is to be more “evolutionary than revolutionary” as the “…way guys shop, they’re category killers... 70% of their closet is core items: T-shirts, khakis, woven shirts”. The product line is designed for daily use with comfort in mind. JackThreads plans to reach the consumers with attitudes and aspirations of being trendy through the e-commerce method. As this method maximizes the geographic locations the product line can reach. ANALYSIS OF JACK THREAD’S MARKETING MIX The product line consists of the staples in a man’s wardrobe such as tees, jeans, and woven shirts. The primary competitors in this product line are Trunk Club, Frank & Oak, and Mr. Porter. The product line at JackThreads carries the advantage over the competitors by improving contact centers with engaging experiences for consumers though not outsourcing this service. JackThreads is overall selling the experience of their clothing, the

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