Marketing Plan For Mcdonald's Company

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1) Offering more products or offering more complex products makes operations management more difficult in multiple ways. One way an operations manager’s job gets more difficult with complex product offerings is inventory becomes more difficult to manage. The more items you offer in your product line, the more suppliers you will need to supply you with the materials to produce the offerings. For example, the operations manager for McDonald’s currently might deal with a fish supplier for their fish-filet sandwich, but after the menu changes they might decide to cut out the fish-filet sandwich from their menu, due its lack of appeal to their customers. In this case, McDonald’s would have less inventory to manage because they would not need to keep fish, and most likely tartar sauce, in their inventory supply. The management of the supply chain becomes more difficult to manage as a company offers more complex products. With a diverse product offering, there is bound to many suppliers involved in order to supply a company with the products they need for production. For example, McDonald’s deals with a plentiful amount of suppliers for their large amount of products they offer to their customers. McDonald’s might get their beef from one supplier, but get their vegetables from a different suppler, and so on. As the number of product offerings increases, the number of supplier is bound to increase putting more pressure on the operations manager to deal with a complex supply chain.

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