Marketing Plan For Myra Morningside The Owner Of Umuc Haircuts

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Introduction Myra Morningside the owner of UMUC Haircuts since 1995 has decided to expand her business by utilizing the Cost Leadership Strategy to improve her salons competitive advantage. After carefully analyzing the business strategy, identifying the functional and IT requirements, and researching the best IT solution for Myra’s customer appointment process, a web-based system was selected. This paper will outline the recommended IT solution and the steps required to implement this solution successfully. Proposed IT Solution An IT solution was carefully selected based off the current functional and IT requirements to enhance the UMUC Haircuts customer appointment process, and to allow for further business process improvement opportunities, such as tracking inventory and marking. The automated web-based scheduling software “Booker” Booker Software, Inc., founded in 2007, is a leading online scheduling, point-of-sale (POS), marketing, and business management software for the beauty industry. This solution provides a “cloud-based business management platform, designed for local service and class-based business”, such as spas and salons (Booker Software, Inc., 2016). Booker will provide the required security for UMUS Haircuts data with a platform that is backed up and securely sorted online. Booker 's integrated POS software provides the capabilities to accept multiple payment types, track customer purchases, and process credit cards in real-time (Booker Software, Inc.,

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