Marketing Plan For New Brand

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Marketing plan 1. Conventional Marketing First of all, for our new brand, we should establish a good brand image. At the beginning we owned many branch stores in different areas, the fast king headquarter has requirements that each branch stores should has normalized and unitized design style, the fast king headquarter will provide standardized design drawings to our investors, those steps can lay the groundwork for advertising our new brand “the Fast King Burger”. The second important thing is how to choose the right means of propaganda, our goal is that spent less money to get the best advertising effect. Before advertising we should choose advertising media, because choosing accurate advertisement will have related to the effect of advertising. • Implement a local campaign with the Company’s targeted market via the use of coupons that will be provided with all mailed advertisements. • Build a large word-of-mouth referral network through existing customer base once the business becomes popular within the local community. • Establish connections with local suppliers and vendors 2. Promotion The most important among the marketing mix is promotion. We need to create the awareness among the people about our burgers, or else we will lose market share in the competition with another burger brands in the market. It is our campaign that is going to bring out the innovation that we have brought in burger. One our advertisement campaign succeeds sure our burgers will stand
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