Marketing Plan For New Business Healthy Food Industry

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This purpose of this report is to provide detailed Situation Analysis and marketing plan for new business in healthy food industry. The report presents the overview, competitors in the industry, target market and SWOT analysis. The aim of this report is to help you in designing market plan. There is rising potential business opportunity in this Industry because consumers are showing greater concerns over eating healthy. Therefore the numbers of potential and existing direct competitors are on rise too. However, tactical and strategically marketing plans could be used to neutralise the threats and build on strengths. The brand strength and inside knowledge will allow brand equity to pass to the new product improving its initial appeal. Price skimming, bundle pricing and psychological pricing will be important pricing strategies to stimulate demand. The local advertising practices will play important part bringing traffic in the cafe. An aggressive timeline is recommended to capitalise on first-mover advantage in this new market segment. Industry Overview The healthy food market has continued with sustained growth through 2010–2012, even in the face of margin declines (and therefore increased volume growth is not reflected in overall value growth).The total value of the healthy food industry in Australia is an estimated $127million in 2012. As per ABS the average growth projection for the coming years is 10–15%, reflecting the two

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