Marketing Plan For Penguin Wholesalers Essay

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INTRODUCTION AND BACKGROUND Logistics is a process by which an item is moved from its point of creation or production to the point at which it is used as planned by a company, a government or similar institutions. The items moved within a network could be Dangerous Goods, foodstuffs, ammunition, electronics, building cranes and whole host of other products. Time and financial considerations are considered when making these plans as are government regulations that guide the movement of items within a network. Penguin Wholesalers is a Whangarei based company that was established in 1975.It has since morphed from an ice making company into a Transport and Warehousing enterprise that services the northland region of New Zealand. And because its warehouse specialises primarily in the storage of foodstuffs, it is recognised as a Food Grade Facility. With a diverse range of products stored inside it, from meats to butter to cooking spices, the warehouse is partitioned and temperature controlled. Logistical warehouses usually start off with a small number of clients and as the business grows, changes are made to accommodate the expansion. The Penguin Wholesalers warehouse has an operational set-up that works well when stock volumes are low but struggles to maintain efficiency with high volume. This project has been chosen to standardise operations in a way that works efficiently regardless of the stock volumes as it manages a resource constraint – space. RESEARCH QUESTION

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