Marketing Plan For Scale Operations

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The operational plan is central to business. It uses inputs from the marketing plan to scale operations, in order to deliver what is set out in the marketing plan, and it includes information about all stages of primary valued chain activities as well as support activities. The operational contains a thorough description of the organizational structure. Human resources are one of the most valuable resources of a business, and payroll and related costs account for a significant part of operational expenditure (Friend & Zehle, 2004). The operational plan has an objective; it explains how businesses start up, what it takes to maintain the organization. Operational planning It is the backbone of the organization. Carol Designer fashion…show more content…
Staffing consist of over a thousand employees working for us, there are tailors, Seamstress, cashiers, Security personnel that cater to the public, they work in the facility, they make sure each customer get the perfect fit. We pride ourselves on having the best quality product. We are devoted to developing innovative styles samples designed by varieties of other stores.
Carol Designer fashion has five stores. We manufacture in bulk with the time-honored methods. We buy the Manufacturing discount clothing designer brands also. Carol Fashion offers high-quality designer special at 30/50% less than most other stores. Our company has extent of operational setup to make our business run smoothly and be very profitable in the future
The organization has many goals, vision, mission, and values. Our business focus on bringing in more women, being diverse is one of our primary objectives, we realize the value of diversity in cultures, the retail business, and diversity is crucial, diversity will help strengthen the store (Elofer, 2014). Our mission is to have leaders in the facilities that will put the stores on the map, assist them to expand; my vision is to have many more stores in other cities, countries, states. Having a chain of retail stores is our vision that will create opportunities for people all over the world that
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