Marketing Plan For Specialty Marketing

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Specialty Marketing In this section we will give you examples of how you can incorporate Specialty Marketing into your overall marketing plan, such as incorporating “marketing services” into your greetings.  In Person Greeting: (“Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening) welcome to Stylogix, Your Hair Color Specialists. My name is Dana. How may I assist you?”  Over the Phone Greeting: (“Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening) thank you for calling Stylogix, Your Hair Color Specialists, this is Dana speaking. How may I assist you? Specialty marketing focuses on branding specific services you and your salon staff excels in and wants to promote, over and above the general services you give such as haircuts and styles. At the…show more content…
 Hair color is the “axis service” that generates other salon services and sales for hair care products.  Demi and semi permanents registered a much higher growth and nearly double the overall category. The above article clearly illustrates color is on an amazing growth track and your salon should capitalize on this trend to in help increase sales and profits. Another major trend is in the category of Hair Smoothing Treatments. Here is an excerpt from another article: The straightening and keratin treatment services sector has grown rapidly in the past two years, at a burgeoning growth rate of approximately 25 to 30%. The straightening sector in U.S. salons is now worth approximately $1.46 billion and is comprised of soft goods at $215 million, hard goods at $125 million (both at manufacturers’ dollars) and services at approximately $1.12 billion (at salon dollars). These amazing gains only represents 2.5% of the total U.S. salon hair care market, of $59.25 billion and while small, it is the fastest growth sector. So I am sure you would all agree “marketing programs” should be in place to promote in-demand services, and others such as Hair Extensions if your salon does this as an add-on service. This can be done by incorporating these into your standard greetings, as we stated above, and can also be placed in any print advertising you are currently doing by using a “tag line” below your name.  Stylogix “Your Hair Color Specialists”  Stylogix “Your Hair
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