Marketing Plan For Supervive Apparel

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Marketing Plan Supervive Apparel 2015 Autumn/Winter Collection Executive Summary Supervive Apparel is a growing streetwear business that has been producing and manufacturing clothing aimed at males aged from 16-25 since 2012. In the two years that the business has been functioning, it has not achieved substantial growth and will need to grow to maintain a profitable business. This marketing plan is aimed at the next line of products to be released by Supervive Apparel, their Autumn/Winter collection of 2015. This Marketing Plan will go over the various aspects of marketing the Autumn/Winter collection of 2015 – • Situational Analysis including strengths of the business and further opportunities the business can take, along with weaknesses that the business can resolve and potential threats to the business • Product Life Cycle with Diagram explaining where the product is currently at in the product life cycle and analysis • Market Research Plan including market researching strategies that can be effectively used by Supervive to collect data to analyse on the fashion market • Marketing Objectives – measurable goals that Supervive should hope to achieve in the next 2-3 years • Target Market Analysis including Primary Target Market and Secondary Target Market, with suggested markets to direct resources towards • Marketing strategies including the full marketing mix – product, price, promotion and place • Implementation, Monitoring and Controlling – talking about what

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