Marketing Plan For Target Nutrition

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This report aims to deliver an effective marketing plan for Target Nutrition, an online sports supplement store focussing on own-label brands that have been rigorously tested with minimal side effects. The company’s unique objectives are to provide greater knowledge for the customer, on the various products sold, how this fits in with the customers’ fitness goals and advice for future targets and development. Therefore the company will not only provide products but also an accompanying service by training customers to use the products to get the best benefits. The service will build an interaction between the customer and the organisation and provides an almost face to face interaction, through videos, comments and feedback
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Along with the selling of tested products, the company also provides instructional videos so that the consumer receives added value from Target Nutrition compared to competitors. Educating the customers on their health and fitness goals gives the customer added value over and above competitors, by being more relevant and convenient to consumers. The many different supplements sold provides products for a wide range of demographics, from young males to elderly women, attracting a wide range of the urban population. This report will try to use marketing theories and evidence to reinforce the marketing decisions made. The challenges of providing for a wide range of demographics in a very popular industry will be demanding, however with the marketing techniques employed this can be overcome.

Current Marketing Situation
The Environment
The industry for sports and dietary supplements has grown massively in recent years, C.Noonan et al 2006 writes, ‘since the passage of the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act in 1994, the marketplace for dietary supplements has experienced dramatic growth. New products have redefined the entire marketplace, and new ingredients are introduced to consumers at lightning speed.’ The downside of such a growth in the industry is that there are many misused, illegal and untested products in the market. This will be addressed by the accompanying service that Target Nutrition offers
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