Marketing Plan For The Company

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Lululemon is a company that has based itself around a value proposition of ethical production, healthy living and quality athletic gear designed to encourage and support an active lifestyle (Lululemon, 2014). Unfortunately for the company in the last year it has come under fire for a run of clothing that was far below their standard quality, and was in fact recalled for being too sheer (Peterson, 2013). This incident was exacerbated by CEO Chip Wilson’s comments that effectively blamed the issue on the body types of their customers (Forbes, 2014). This series of events served to isolate the brand from two of its critical strengths, namely the positive, encouraging push towards healthier living and the socially conscious production of high quality goods. In order to address this issue we are focusing our marketing plan on three specific areas: Focusing on emphasizing the realignment of our executive to reflect the values of the corporation, continuing to increase the production of micro-marketed goods, and increasing our client engagement by promoting yoga events in local communities in order to re-establish our position as a healthy, active and body-positive firm.

Part A – Environments
Lululemon is an athletic clothing retailer inspired by yoga and targets women who pursue an active lifestyle. Their clothing line includes garments for yoga, running, as well as athletic accessories. While having relativity higher prices compared to its
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