Marketing Plan For The Dayton Company

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In 1881, George Dayton, a New York native who spent years working in banks and real estate decided to explore the sales market. Mr. Dayton purchased land in Minneapolis, on Nicollet Avenue and formed the Dayton Dry Goods Company, now known as Target Corporation. After a decade of growth, Dayton Dry Goods Company was renamed to The Dayton Company to mirror the stores sale of goods and services. After years of only being located in downtown Minneapolis, The Dayton Company made a major move in 1956, by deciding to branch out and build a new store in Rochester, Minn. Due to the tremendous increase in shoppers The Dayton Company decided to introduce a new store to customers and on May 1, 1962, The Dayton Company opened its first Target Store. Target would differentiate itself from over stores because of its low prices and high-quality fashion and services. After years of expanding the Target brand, and recognizing that shoppers do not always have time to visit several stores, Target developed a new trademark, known as, Super Target. Super Target provided shoppers with the convenience of having not only a store which sold clothing and home décor but now an added a grocery section and pharmacy. In 2005, along with the help of Designer Deborah Adler the Target pharmacy created ClearRx. ClearRx was a program developed to help minimize a patient’s chances of taking the wrong prescription by featuring easy-to- read bottles and color-coded rings. Target’s mission is to make

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