Marketing Plan For The Future And Gel Motors

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wants will be in the future and GEL Motors has to acknowledge that clean energy may not be the priority for consumers in the future. Goals The goal is to design, build, and run a clean energy manufacturing plant in six years to replace our current factory. The plan will entail slowly weaning car production off our current factory and transferring production to the clean energy facility. While the facility is being built, we will market to the clean energy consumer and publicize GEL Motors efforts to be environmentally responsible. Marketing Plan Examining what GEL Motors, it is important that the company knows its customers. According to Lavinsky, a target customer consists of a “demographic profile (e.g., age, gender), psychographic…show more content…
However, GEL Motors will conduct the marketing of the new production of the vehicles. Which will include, but not be limited to websites, TV ads, radio ads and articles covering the vehicle manufacturing process in major national publications. Moreover, the promotional strategy will be to saturate the market with GEL Motors, new vehicle production process. GEL Motors, will hold a press conference to start the strategy, then GEL motors will allow the press to view the production process. Additionally, GEL Motors will then release adds over TV and radio promoting the product. Furthermore, GEL Motors, will simultaneously launch a new website dedicated to the new vehicle production, which will include the entire process with the goal of answering any questions the consumer may have. The goal would be to use the media and internet as a strategy to convert people to GEL Motors. Team Currently, GEL Motors have factory workers that will stay because we are changing the energy source not the way we construct vehicles. GEL motors staff currently includes production associates material handler’s suppliers, equipment technician’s, manufacture project leads, warehouse, and assembly, plant managers and senior staff. For GEL to create a clean energy plant, they will need all their current employees as well as recruiting operations associate,
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