Marketing Plan For The Global Food Industry

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SmartMart is an efficacious retail grocery store with organic products as its main differentiator. SmartMart mission is to care for environment and to deliver strong monetary returns to create a sustainable future. Its powers are stakeholder confidence and brand loyalty. It carries use value to its customers through it premium organic products. Its core mission and value differentiated them from their competitors and attracted many customers for them. SmartMart key customers contain the wealthy segment of the society with attraction for green environment and gorgeous shopping experience. Based on the market trends within their existing competitive area, SmartMart forecasts the necessity to re-examine its present business model in order to succeed in the next 5 to 10 years.

1. My strategy takes into consideration the following under distinctive scenarios while grasping the company’s mission and values as it has gain appreciation.

Today industry analysts define the organic food market as the most vigorous and quickly growing part of the global food industry. Therefore, I recommend to expand the store concept to compete with the big-box stores since organic food industry is rapidly developing and even stores like big-Mart are offering organics at a low-cost to compete with big players like Smart-Mart. There is an enormous prospect for Smart-Mart to compete in this area since 50% of development in the consumption of organics is pushed by the presenting of organics at low-cost
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