Marketing Plan For The Lemonade Day

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For our lemonade day business day to be successful we all had to put in individual work to achieve our seminars overall goal of selling lemonade. Our goal was to have a visually appealing halloween themed lemonade stand. The business goal was to break even at the least and create a small sum of profit. Since we were competing against other groups at the same time and location, expectations of profit were low. The reasons for low expectations is because of the weather and time of the year. It wasn’t a hot day and the weather was very gloomy forcing us to set up the stand inside the University Centre.

My role in the group was to be part of the finance and accounting team. Our teams main role in the lemonade day were distributing information of the group 's products and services that they needed, researching prices of the products and service needed, and creating budgets for each group if they needed funds to complete their roles for the lemonade day to be successful. Many groups needed funds such as Marketing and Operations. Operations found the basics needs of what the group needed to make the day successful. They decided what type of lemonade we should be making and what other essentials we needed to ensure our day to run smoothly. Marketing also had other plans to make our Lemonade business stand out compared to other groups. They decided to make our group halloween themed since halloween is right around the corner. They also decided to sell other things such as salty…

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