Marketing Plan For The Local Grocery Store Essay

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A trip to the local grocery store may seem like a mindless every-day activity of providing nourishment and basic needs for your family. However, many consumers fail to realize how much consideration, time, and money is allocated by businesses attempting to understand why consumers buy products over other similar products. Significant amounts of money are invested in neuromarketing, branding products, and developing the company’s lifestyle brand to attract loyal customers. Strategic branding isn’t focused on the product, but creates a feeling within the customer. The efforts of branding and neuromarketing have significant impact on how consumers purchase the items presented to them.
Organizations have significantly evolved since the early 1980’s. Products went from scooping out bulk items from a barrel to neatly packaged items in a row; sometimes with four or five different labels of the exact same product displayed for the consumer to choose between. In general, most products are equal by comparison, but the brand placed on the packaging instills a sense of prestige over other “inferior” brands. “Brands could conjure a feeling, think of Aunt Jemima’s comforting presence.” (Klein, 2015 p. 779) The significance of creating a life-style brand for organizations meant that there “were those in the industry who understood that advertising wasn’t just scientific; it was also spiritual.” (Klein, 2015 p. 779) Consumers aren’t just buying products, they are buying brands.

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