Marketing Plan For The Simulation Biz Cafe

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Introduction The purpose of this paper is assessing my strategy and decisions in the simulation Biz Café. Then, I will give my results and explain how I got there. However, there were many factors involved creating these results. In this simulation, everything was left up to me to decide how to run my new coffee shop. There were big decisions at the beginning you had to make to create the overall theme of your business. Then, I was to hire employees, buy goods, and act on specials decisions or react to good or bad customer reactions. This, I will explain more in the following paragraphs. Summary of Biz Café Interpretive, the website that hosts Biz Café, initially gives you a prompt that tells you about a lady named Jane Valdez who grew…show more content…
That’s right, they, and we, are broke human beings. Not only do we have no money, we are usually in a hurry. So, the general theme of my coffee shop for the Biz Café simulation was fast and affordable. Later, I added in things like an oven to make bakery goods, but I stayed in the same ‘get it cheap and get out’ theme. This brings me into my next topic. Start-up Decisions There were two main start-up decisions. The first is the choice in furniture. The option was given to choose either Used Furniture for $2,000, or several other choices for $4,000. These others were New Modern, New Green, Urban, and New Elegant. So, sticking with my theme, I went for the Used Furniture. Being located where my new coffee shop is and well as my expected general customer classification, I don’t have the liberty to charge a premium for coffee. According to Kate Taylor in her article Some Starbucks locations quietly raised prices on brewed coffee and cookies on Pumpkin Spice Latte launch day, she says, “Starbucks just quietly raised prices at a sizable chunk of locations.” Starbucks can reach a much larger crowd than my simulated shop, therefore, I decided to take my approach differently with the cheaper route. My second big decision involved picking which size coffee maker I wanted. I had the choice to either pick a dual capacity or a high capacity coffee maker. The difference in the price between them are $3,000 and $6,000, respectively. The dual capacity

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